Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

New version of the Tamagotchi launched on 20th anniversary

New version of the Tamagotchi launched on 20th anniversary

Remember all the Tamagotchis you killed 20 years ago?

The launch in the United States is part of the toy's 20th anniversary since it was first launched in the U.S., and its release will be in limited quantities so you'll want to move fast if this is your kind of thing.

The device will be smaller than the original version, but will include all six of the Tamagotchi characters that you grew up loving. Hopefully we're now grown enough to keep them alive?

There are six different designs inspired by the original run from Japan, and the packaging is the same too.

"For many Generation X kids, the Tamagotchi device can be considered the first and favourite digital pet", says Tess Parsons-Broome, marketing manager for Bandai UK.

".Those late-20, early-30-year-olds, they loved the product the first time".

Pre-orders customers in the USA on Amazon have already sold out. "They're going to see it, they're going to take it, and they're going to have kids [and] siblings.that then they'll show it off to that younger generation", Badie said.

The experience has been streamlined in some way, with the three buttons meant to make hatching, feeding and cleaning up after a Tamagotchi easier, without having to navigate menus to get things done.

The intention for the simpler play style was because Bandai is hoping the new line will appeal to kids who played with Tamagotchi back in the '90s and who know have their own, full lives to deal with. There is still an LCD display with no back light and three physical buttons that allow you to interact with your pet.

The company has sold more than 82 million Tamagotchi toys worldwide since its introduction.

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