Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

SC's cracker ban: Chetan Bhagat asks why bans targeting only Hindu festivals

SC's cracker ban: Chetan Bhagat asks why bans targeting only Hindu festivals

A previous fireworks and firecracker ban was inspired after three children demanded their petition heard by the Supreme Court.

Diwali fireworks had lit up the skyline of Delhi on the night of October 30 previous year, but darkness had descended the morning after as a dense blanket of smog turned the city into a chamber of noxious and cancer-causing pollutants.

The court, while banning the sale of firecrackers till November 1, had also said that its September 12 order temporarily lifting the stay and permitting sale of firecrackers, would be made effective only from November one. The court, however, said those who had firecrackers can still burst them on October 19, when the country will celebrate the festival of lights. While some fans reminded him that only sale of firecrackers was banned and not bursting them, others took the cricketer to task for being irresponsible.

Last year, entire Delhi-NCR was engulfed in a thick blanket of toxic fog, the morning after the Diwali.

He said Delhiites can come to Madhya Pradesh as the pollution levels are much lower there.

The Supreme Court bench, headed by Justice AK Sikri, said that the November 11, 2016 order suspending the licences "should be given one chance to test itself" to see if there would be a positive effect of this, particularly during Diwali. Therefore it also ordered that a relevant agency compute the impact of a noise-and smoke-free festival this year. We are conscious of the fact that after the said order was passed, the police may have issued temporary licences. The license of firecrackers manufacturers have also been suspended till November 1 in wake of the pollution caused in the city due to bursting of firecrackers in the region. Ye kaun sa maal phunk ke judge karte hain.

After getting trolled on Twitter for a grammatical mistake, popular fiction writer Chetan Bhagat is again being panned for his latest comments on the Indian Supreme Court's decision to ban fire-crackers and given a rather communal slant to the matter. While slaughtering helps our economy to grow. The smog has been very harmful in past. Will crackers start emitting oxygen after Nov 1?

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