Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

British PM May says Brexit talks making good progress

British PM May says Brexit talks making good progress

On the question of how much Britain has to pay to settle its financial commitments, he said: "We have reached a state of deadlock, which is disturbing".

She said she was planning to hand Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator, a copy of her anti-Brexit picture book, "Theresa Maybe in Brexitland" to show that many Britons opposed the decision to quit the EU.

With David Davis, we will organise several negotiating meetings between now and the end of the year " Of the overall talks this week, which included some advance on citizens' rights and technical progress in addressing issues in Ireland, Barnier added: "We worked in a constructive spirit, and we clarified certain points, without, however, making any great steps forward".

The leaders meet in Brussels on October 19-20, and with time short to seal a deal it had been hoped they would agree to widen the talks.

Davis announced a "streamlined" new system for the three million European Union citizens in Britain to claim residence rights, answering European Union concerns, and said he expected good further progress on other issues.

But Britain says these issues are closely intertwined with their future relations like trade and must be discussed together.

'We are continuing to work on the specific instruments and mechanisms which would give practical effect to this intention, ' he said.

A fifth round of negotiations broke up earlier in the day without major progress, fuelling fears that Britain will leave the bloc in March 2019 without an agreement to soften the blow. The pound fell Thursday on news of the slow progress, trading 0.6 percent lower at $1.3145.

"The UK repeated that it was still not ready to spell out these commitments", Barnier said.

'There have therefore been no negotiations on this subject.

The European Union said talks hit a wall over what the United Kingdom owes when it leaves, increasing the chances of a messy departure as time is running out to clinch a deal.

With the clock ticking, Barnier reaffirmed that parting with "no deal will be a very bad deal".

Mrs May said Britain would ensure that the other 27 countries do not lose out financially from Brexit in the current European Union budget period to 2020 and would honour commitments - but Barnier said London was failing to spell out just what it was ready to pay. That will be hard in a government constantly at war with itself on the direction of Brexit.

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