Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow': Series Regular To Exit CW Series

'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow': Series Regular To Exit CW Series

He has since appeared as part of the main cast of Legends of Tomorrow, using his Firestorm powers alongside Jax Jackson played by Franz Drameh. According to Deadline, Garber's exit from the show was planned well in advance and will be integrated into the plot of season three.

The spinoff to Arrow and The Flash, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, may have had a rocky start, but there is no denying that it eventually became just as loved as the other shows in the Arrowverse. The rumors intensified over the summer, and while the CW and the show's producing studio Warner Bros.

As of right now, though, Garber is set to be a regular on the current season of Legends.

Deadline first reported that Garber would be leaving the CW series to star in the Broadway production of Hello Dolly! with Bernadette Peters; the news was later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly. Although the physics professor made a decision to stay on the Waverider at the final moments of the episode, he only did so under the proviso that he would return to Central City 2017 in time for the childbirth of his daughter Lily (Christina Brucato). Doing that while filming a primetime series is virtually impossible, especially when the show is produced 3,000 miles away as is the case with the Vancouver-based Legends Of Tomorrow. In any case, Garber will remain in the lead cast of "Legends of Tomorrow" season 3.

Garber, who has played Professor Martin Stein since the show's launch (and previously on The Flash), will exit later this year per TV Line.

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