Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Is Razer launching its own phone?

Is Razer launching its own phone?

Razer tweeted Wednesday to expect news on November 1, accompanying the tweet with a picture of a fella holding an obscured device. And the image gives us some information on this as it could be. From that and subsequent reports, all fingers point to a smartphone coming from Razer.

A glimpse of the project was teased on Senior VP/GM of Mobile at Razer Tom Moss's Twitter page, as we reported before. Then, a tweet made by Tim Moss, the head of Razer's mobile division, saw Moss and Tan standing together. It was a pocket gaming device that ran on Android Lollipop when it launched. Notably, Razer had earlier launched the Razer Edge tablet for gamers. A smartphone-sized device dedicated to media and gaming is also a plausibility. What will you be expecting from Razer's upcoming gaming smartphone? Today, a teaser has gone live, which confirms Razer plans to announce its first smartphone. Other than the date, the teaser only contains the word "Watch".

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said a few weeks ago that his firm would introduce a smartphone before end of 2017.

Rumours of a Razer phone go back several months, with Bloomberg in July reporting the company was eyeing an IPO (initial public offering) to fund a phone.

A smartphone for players stamped Razer?

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