Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Oculus Rift is Getting a Permanent Price Cut

Oculus Rift is Getting a Permanent Price Cut

It doesn't require a PC or smartphone to work since hardware is built into the headset itself.

Facebook has announced a new member of its Oculus VR headset family and an update to the Santa Cruz prototype. The Oculus Go is slated to arrive sometime in "early 2018" and will start at $199. At just $199, it also costs half of what the Oculus Rift costs right now ($399, that too after a price cut).

"The strategy for Facebook is to make the onboarding to VR as easy and low-priced as possible", said Gartner analyst Brian Blau. "In fact, a lot of them seem maybe too complex or insane to start". Spatial audio is also built into the Oculus Go headset; there's no requirement for headphones.

Yesterday's Oculus Connect 4 delivered a plethora of announcements from Facebook's VR division, though several of them were anticipated a couple months ago thanks to a rumor spread by Bloomberg.

The Oculus Go aims to provide a mobile experience similar to that of the Gear VR, which will allow users to gaze around without moving all over the place.

Facebook and other major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft that are betting on VR have a long way to go.

Facebook is expected to ship 213,000 Rift systems this year, while HTC is expected to ship 305,000 Vive systems, according to Super Data research.

In the coming weeks, users in Spaces will be able to create "Kits" (pictured above), which comprise of virtual objects, including toys, games, 3D collages, costume props and more. But the straight divide between reality and VR may trample the burning need for consumers at large to adopt such headsets. On the other hand, Instagram exploded from 30 million users when Facebook bought it in 2012 to more than 800 million. The social network may not have had its name on above of the door of the fourth annual Oculus Connect conference, but ways to squirt increasing amounts of VR into your Facebook experience were a frequent topic during the opening keynote.

Facebook has shaken up Oculus management team since then in a series of moves that included the departure of founder Palmer Luckey earlier this year. Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra in his own words, describes it as "hands-down the easiest way to get people into VR", per Variety.

Virtual reality is new, exciting, and the limited content which is now available is still quite incredible to experience. There's no must-have app There's no must-have app that's pulling people into the Rift or VR. Games themselves are also likely to enjoy discounts, so check out Steam and Green Man Gaming. The company also wants to get rid of external sensors for tracking the wearer's movements, which is why it's developing this inside-out tracking technology. It will allow people to watch live concerts, sports, movie premiers, etc. New tools will more intelligently control who you see in your VR experience.

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