Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Sport | By Ellis Neal

Storm expected to become Hurricane Ophelia, possibly by tonight

Storm expected to become Hurricane Ophelia, possibly by tonight

If Ophelia becomes a hurricane it will be the ninth so far this year in the Atlantic.

Ophelia became a hurricane late Wednesday, the tenth in a row and tying a record set more than a century ago.

Tropical Storm Ophelia looked like a hurricane but wasn't one quite yet, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday morning.

This would tie the record for the most consecutive Atlantic named storms to reach hurricane strength.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Tuesday that Ophelia was located about 780 miles (1,260 kilometers) west-southwest of the Azores. That has not happened since 1893, according to McNoldy.

This season has already been above average in all three categories, named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes.

Moses later tweeted that if separated, there would be a tropical storm, then a separate hurricane, which would make the 10-straight-hurricane record invalid.

By the time Ophelia reaches northern Europe, it may no longer be a tropical system, instead possibly transitioning into a powerful extratropical low pressure area. That's a bit of an unusual track for Atlantic storms.

Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to strengthen to a hurricane as it spins far out over the Atlantic.

The non-tropical phase of Ophelia may feature a larger, more intense storm that could bring a range of hazards to Ireland and the United Kingdom, from damaging winds to punishing waves. Strongest winds are far from the center and higher in the atmosphere.

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