Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Jane Fonda knew of Weinstein claims, 'I should've been braver'

Jane Fonda knew of Weinstein claims, 'I should've been braver'

Fonda, who sat down with Amanpour while promoting her Netflix movie Our Souls At Night, said she met Harvey Weinstein but "only...when I was old".

"Thank God it's being talked about", the actress said, praising those who had come forward and calling for greater protection for them.

"Well, it didn't happen to me ..." she said.

When the host pressed the iconic star as to why she didn't say anything when she first heard about his allegedly abusive behavior, including rape, Fonda expressed regret.

"He preferred younger women, more vulnerable", she claims to have been informed of the actions of the producers by the actress Rosanna Arquette there are a year and kills up to here " I am ashamed of not having spoken of at the time ".

"I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything right then", the Oscar victor said.

BBC World News presenter Stephen Sackur asked Fonda why she chose not to speak out. It is a very, very, very hard thing to do...

As Amanpour noted earlier, it may seem surprising that Fonda, of all people, did not speak out after hearing Arquette's story.

Fonda, an Academy Award victor, spoke to Amanpour about her own past experiences with sexual harassment and abuse. The actress told the New Yorker that in the early 1990s Weinstein had tried to get her to massage him, and when she refused, he grabbed her hand and tried to place it on his crotch.

When pressed by Amanpour, Fonda said this sort of thing also happened to her in the past-though never perpetrated by Weinstein. "But let's not think that this is some unique, horrific - this goes on all the time".

"I had one experience with a French director, he was going to cast me in a role that required the character had an orgasm and he said to know whether I should be cast he should find out what orgasms I had". Unfortunately, that counteracts a lot of the good that we're doing.

"We have to start believing these women... and protecting them", she said.

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