Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Sport | By Ellis Neal

Michael Jordan: Other 28 teams 'going to be garbage'

Michael Jordan: Other 28 teams 'going to be garbage'

"I think it's going to hurt the overall aspect of the league from a competitive standpoint", Jordan told the magazine, according to Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated. I don't know if I could have survived in this Twitter time, where you don't have the privacy that you would want.

The Warriors have won two of the past three NBA titles and have faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in each of the past three NBA Finals, leading some to question the competitive balance in the league.

Having posted winning records in two of the past four seasons, the Hornets aren't exactly garbage, but Jordan is aware that Charlotte isn't a preferred destination for free agents in the way that cities such as Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco are.

While the superteam trend has absolutely brought on its own set of concerns in recent years-and while another Warriors title feels like an inevitability barring major injuries to the team-the insane 2017 offseason set up an National Basketball Association season that would appear to have more than a few excellent teams.

As for what Woods accomplished on the course - 79 wins and 14 majors - Jordan has a unique perspective on that, too.

Is he right? The Warriors and Cavaliers have played in the past three NBA Finals, and they're favored to do it again this season. I think when you can see the similarities and you understand, this is one way you can judge the tow-how much impact did each change or evolve the game?

"I have no patience for coaching. And we have a great draft class coming up next year", Silver told ESPN's Mike & Mike in a recent interview. Jordan said it's unfair to compare the two. Celtics have won 17 championships, Lakers 16. "Golden State hadn't won it in 40 years", added Silver.

Thoughts on super teams?

As far as Jordan's comments on the business environment, if there are always just one or two teams stacked up with all of the best talent, it could potentially make fans of lesser teams shy away from the game more, as they may just develop a "what's the point?" mentality. "I never played against Jerry West". For me, it was the best thing to happen to me, because it allowed me to go back to the game [of basketball] with a stronger passion.

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