Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
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Paris Officially Says It's Phasing Out All Non-Electric Cars

Paris Officially Says It's Phasing Out All Non-Electric Cars

When it comes to efforts to reduce pollution within city limits, Paris is already known for introducing a ban on cars older than 20 years in the city during weekdays, a measure which drew some criticism for effectively discriminating against those who can not afford newer cars.

The world's most visited city, Paris, plans to prohibit fossil-fueled cars from entering city before 2030.

The city of Paris is to ban all petroleum-based vehicles on its territory by 2030 and prohibit diesel cars as soon as 2024, sending fresh shockwaves through Europe's stunned motor industry.

"This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases", said Christophe Najdovski, who is responsible for transport policy at the office of Mayor Anne Hidalgo. "In order to achieve the goal of an end to the thermal engines in 2030, the City has made a decision to invest in the development of alternatives and in the reinforcement of financial aids that allow individuals and professionals to buy clean vehicles". She has established bike paths and new bus lanes in an effort to reduce the city's dependence on cars. Electric cars will not be affected by the ban.

Paris has seen significant amounts of rising air pollution in the last few years.

Officials hope that France as an entire country will ditch cars dependent on fossil fuels by 2040. "That's my goal", said Hidalgo in an interview with Le Parisian on the city's anti-pollution measures. "If we want to achieve this, it implies that the end of diesel and gasoline should take place several years in advance in urban areas, and particularly in big cities".

The city's statement emphasized that it was going to make the transition easy for its citizens, pointing to recent announcements by automakers to gradually stop producing gas and diesel cars. There are about 32 million household cars in France, according to the London Evening Standard.

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