Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

[Trailer] Marvel's 'The New Mutants' Unleashes the Horror

[Trailer] Marvel's 'The New Mutants' Unleashes the Horror

Director Josh Boone announced on Instagram that the first teaser trailer for New Mutants will drop at 12:01AM PST on October 13.

Check out the trailer for "The New Mutants" ahead of the film's release on April 13, 2018. The world learned the video would be dropping in the early morning after director Josh Boone took to Instagram to confirm the teaser. Not only that, but for those expecting a comic book movie in the vein of what we've seen from the X-Men franchise thus far, think again, as this is more similar to something straight out of a nightmare, with plenty of scares and chills to be found.

"Whilst it's definitely a departure from the X-Men movies, the fans won't be disappointed". They're hormonal, they're powerful, and they're ready to wreak havoc on just about anyone who crosses them, as today's first-look teaser proves.

If you are not familiar with New Mutants, then you should know the film will be a scarier one. Boone has teased that New Mutants is a horror film, and Fox studio exec Stacey Snider compared the X-Men spinoff to "a haunted house movie."

The New Mutants follows a diverse group of teenage who discover they have extraordinary powers while held captive in a secret facility and must tackle their demons while trying to save themselves. The team will be challenged by the terrifying threat of the Demon Bear, the creature that has stalked Danielle's family for years. Certainly, since there are exactly six months until New Mutants hits theaters, there's still plenty more to see in terms of a full trailer and the studio's major promotional push closer to the release date.

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